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The Canadian Pole Sport Federation is a not for profit organization designed to foster the development of Pole Sports in Canada. The Federation offers memberships to institutes and individuals who desire to join us in our efforts to make pole sports a well known and respected sport. We are committed to building an Olympic Future for our Canadian Athletes by following this objectives:

  • To improve, advance and extend pole sports education, training and coaching in Canada.

  • To create awareness and accessibility for people of all ages to participate in a healthy, active and physically demanding sport.

  • To manage and supervise programs and events for the purpose of stimulating interest in developing young and adult athletes through careful preparation and guidance.

  • To unify and coordinate the Pole Sport community and entities in the efforts to promote pole sports.

  • To have our national federation offer the same high level support to all our athletes, judges and supporters as our international federation whose criterion and standards we have adopted.

  • To give prompt attention and consideration to valid suggestions on how to improve the conduct of administration and direction in pole sports throughout Canada.

  • To train and certify competent and ethical pole sports officials.

  • To be responsible, communicative and transparent by routinely updating on pole sport progress and evolution as well as federation goals and direction.

  • To operate exclusively for educational purposes. Monies raised are used to finance the improvement of Canadian pole sports guided by an international criterion under IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation the tools necessary to succeed. We’re currently accepting new members so if you’re interested in joining, get in touch today.


The Canadian Pole Sport Federation is run by athletes for athletes. We have Representatives all across Canada who are able to help you out and answer any of your questions. Please feel free to reach out to yours:

British Columbia - Rosalyn - Instagram

Alberta - Robbie - Instagram

Saskatchewan - Kathryn - Instagram

Manitoba - Virginia - Instagram

Ontario - Vee - Instagram

Quebec - Amanda - Instagram

East Coast - Christy - Instagram

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