This membership is for athletes who wish to register with the Canadian Pole Sport Federation to show they support pole sport and adhere to sporting expectations laid down by the IPSF. This includes signing up to the WADA code and anti-doping regulations which can be legally enforced. As athletes you will be supported in many ways; we will ensure that standards and conditions in competitions are raised to the highest levels, we will continue to promote a fair and equal scoring and judging system that is consistent around the world and we will keep pushing forward to have your achievements recognised in world games and championships.

Benefits – the same as individuals plus:
Discount on IPSF athletes courses
Discount on IPSF judges training courses
Support with anti-doping expectations
(if not supplying courses) Advice about insurances
Entry on the world ranking status


Criteria required for an athlete’s membership
Completed membership form
$ 30.00 membership fee
Electronic photograph – head shot
Biography of pole sporting history

Canadian Pole Sport Federation



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