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Ranging from club to individual memberships, the Canadian Pole Sport Federation offers a membership account to suit everyone. There are many benefits to being a member with us, including discounts on tickets for the CPSF National Championships as well as advice and support in key areas such as competitions, anti-doping and insurances.


As a member of the Canadian Pole Sport Federation you are also eligible to vote on certain issues and play a significant part in shaping the Federation for the future of Pole. As an instructor, athlete and coach we will support your development and provide support for national and international competitions. Please read the guidelines for more detailed information on the criteria required for each membership category. Your membership fee is annual.


For athletes looking to compete in our National Championships


For pole enthusiasts, instructors and coaches

Coming Soon


For studios, regional organizations and industry related businesses

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Application Procedure


  • The membership form needs to be filled in correctly

  • All supporting documents are to be uploaded and sent

  • The membership fee must be sent withing 72 hours of the membership form being completed or else membership will be invalid - Membership fees are to be made through PayPal to 

  • Please contact the us if you require any assistance with your application

  • All members will be required to abide by the WADA code – see details below.


The WADA code is an international agreement between all sporting organisations affiliated with the International Olympic Committee and Sport Accord to ensure fair and clean sporting behaviour for all. The IPSF has adopted the principles of WADA and is in the process of implementing an anti-doping educational programme which will include testing. Signing the IPSF policy makes it your responsibility to find out further information.


Documents Accepted

  • Electronic head shot to be appropriate for your membership file

  • Copies of your qualifications in fitness/sport etc.

  • Studios/organisation reports to be on headed paper


Membership Application

Your application will be processed within two weeks from receipt of your forms. Should more information be needed you will be notified immediately. You will be informed of the outcome of your application on completion of the full application process; your welcome package and documents will then be sent to you via email. Please make sure your email address is correct. 

Membership fees are to be made through PayPal to 

Membership Renewal

Membership is renewed annually. One month before your renewal date you will be asked if you wish to renew your membership, and sent details of how to do so. You may cancel at any time.

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