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ULTRA POLE is a freestyle method of pole that consists of battle style competitive rounds where challengers pull out all the stops to battle it out against fellow freestyle polers to be crowned ULTRA POLE National Champion 2019. Each ULTRA POLE battle will last a total of 2 minutes – challengers have a maximum of 30 seconds at a time to lay down their challenge, thus alternating the time and allowing each challenger a minimum of 2 turns to show what they can do. There is no minimum time limit. These one-on-one battles are freestyle and not pre-determined routines.


If Ultra Pole is the choice for you, there are a few things you should know:

  • Read through Ultra Pole Rules and Regulations

  • Look into taking the Artistic & Ultra Pole Training Course

  • Start preparing your best tricks and transitions - practice and hone your skills, attend or host pole jams, freestyle whenever possible!

  • Note, the battles are single gender - men vs men, women vs women - and there are no age restrictions!

Not sure if Ultra Pole is for you? Just hover over one of the other disciplines below and find the one that better suits your personal style. Simply click on the CHOOSE button to get more details.


Pole Sport includes artistic elements but is based more heavily on athleticism and technical merit, and judged by an original Code of Points in line with other Olympic standard sports such as gymnastics, diving, and ice skating.


Artistic Pole encourages creativity and emboldens freedom of expression with more emphasis on artistic interpretation and is judged by the newly created Freestyle Pole Series Rules, which does not include a Code of Points, but relies more heavily on art, choreography and musicality.


More information on Aerial Sports to come once the IPSF releases the Code of Points in October

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